Noah's Bark Puppies

Photo above: Jordy, a 9-month-old Irishdoodle.


“The dog [Paige-Irishdoodle] is wonderful.  She is healthy, bright & very loving.  Has a great appetite and seems to be adjusting well to her new home here in southern NV.   Everyone was great & she arrived here right on time. People are missing out. I’m glad I found your operation.”

– Craig


“We have been in love him from the very first second we set eyes on him. He is such a great dog, he is so loving and fun.  He has been a blessing to my husband and me every day. He is so smart and loves to play fetch and frisbee. He is great around children and other animals. Even pesky chihuahuas.

Thanks for the amazing and beautiful dog!!”

– Aleece


Jefferson is an amazing, smart, well-behaved dog. He has great social skills. His favorite thing to do is play with other dogs.

– Sean


We just bought a Mini Irish Doodle from Noah Bark Puppies, and we had an absolutely great experience. They let us come pick out our puppy and answered all our questions. They kept our puppy a few extra days until we could come to get him personally. They sent us home with a packet of information, essential oils, and puppy food. You could tell the puppies were all loved and cared for. Our little guy fit seamlessly into our family and loves our children. He is super smart, he is a ball of mischief, and fun wrapped in the cutest package!!! We are so glad we got him, he was the perfect gift to surprise our kids with! We love him!

– April L.


We bought a mini Irish doodle from them in October. The personality of the breed is priceless! Incredibly smart, very gentle, and well mannered! House training was a breeze! I don’t know if they had the puppies in the house a lot or not, but either way, we have had an amazingly easy go of it so far!!


You can tell the puppy was played with a lot! She took to my 1-year-old daughter very well and is never too rough with her. – Crystal F.


I would give these breeders 10 out of 10 stars and would recommend them to anyone looking to buy a puppy.



We bought a mini Irishdoodle from Noah’s Bark puppies and we just love him! The process to have our puppy shipped was extremely easy and they were such nice people to work with. Also, they were quick to respond to any questions I had! Thanks again for our sweet boy, he is the perfect addition to our family. ❤️ – Emilee M.


We got our Mini Goldendoodle, Mocha, from Noah’s Bark Puppies and had a great experience! Our girl had a great vet check up after we got her. She is now 15 months and is staying right around 18lbs. She loves people and is very friendly. She has been the sweetest pup for our family and we love her lots! Would highly recommend these pups for your family pet! 💕 – Shonna S.