Noah's Bark Puppies

Meet the Mamas


Daisy, Lilly, Maple, Coco & April

Daisy, Irishdoodle, F1

Daisy is a spunky, energetic mom who loves to run and dig! She loves to go on adventures and find things.

She is a full-sized Irishdoodle weighing 55lbs.

Lilly, Golden Retriever

Lilly LOVES to run and play ball!  She’d do this all day, if she could! She is loyal and a lover.

She is 45 pounds and her pups are f1 Mini Goldendoodles.

Here is  a picture of two of  Lilly’s pups from her first litter. You can see how different the coats are. Coats vary within litters, so if you are looking for specifically a curly or straight-haired puppy, let us know and we can help guide you to them.


Maple, Mini Goldendoodle, F1

Maple is a lovable 25 pound Mini Goldendoodle F1.

She has the darkest red coat of all our doodles and is an excellent Mom to her puppies.

Coco, Mini Bernedoodle, MulitGen

Coco is the smallest and youngest  of our females. She’s incredibly smart, even our trainer said so!

She is 20 pounds. Her puppies are MultiGen Mini Bernedoodles are the smallest doodle we offer at 20-25 pounds adult size.


April, Mini IrishDoodle, F1

April is one of our youngest moms! She’s an F1 Mini Irishdoodle weighing 25 lbs. In addition to a beautiful coat, she’s extremely smart, loyal and she loves to play!

Mini Irishdoodle


Meet one of our dads

Toby, Mini Poodle (male)

Toby is often the father of our pups, a Miniature Poodle weighting 19 pounds.