Noah's Bark Puppies

Your puppies are so cute!  How much do they cost?

Contact us for current pricing. We do ask for a $300 non-refundable deposit that goes toward total price to hold your place in line to choose a puppy (more details below).  Per PA Sales tax laws, adoption fees are taxable at 6%. 

I want a puppy! What do I do next?

Fill out our Puppy Application form and send us the non-refundable deposit of $300. The deposit holds your place in line to choose a puppy.  Deposit is transferable to a future litter. As a breeder, we reserve the right to first pick of the litter, regardless of deposit order.

Puppy picking will begin after they have opened their eyes, after four weeks of age. At pick up, the remaining balance is paid.

1. Read the CONTRACT first before you apply, you will sign this contract when you pick up your puppy.

2. Once you have read the contract please fill out your form here: Puppy Application Form.

What’s the difference between Irishdoodles and Goldendoodles?

The Irishdoodles come from Irish Setters and are finer boned. Traditionally Irishsetters were hunting dogs.  The Goldendoodles come from Golden Retrievers and are slightly huskier. Expected full grown size is 25-30 for Mini Irish and 15-20 for the Mini Golden. As puppies, they look very similar.  We breed our females to a Red Mini Poodle.

Both dogs make great family pets. The pups have daily interaction from birth with our five children. They will come with shots and wormer appropriate for their age.

What will their coat look like? Do they shed?

With the poodle bloodline, doodle puppies are mostly non-shedding. We raise F1 and F1b puppies. Because of minimal shedding, puppies will need grooming several times a year. Some consider them hypoallergenic. Coats very in waviness from pup to pup, from very curly/wavy to strait.  

How big are these puppies?

Although “Minis” these are not tiny dogs, but mid-sized.  Expected adult size for Mini Goldendoodles is 20- 30 pounds.  For Mini Irishdoodles, 30-35 pounds.

When do I pick up my puppy?

You can pick up your puppy when they reach 8 weeks of age. We are located in Manheim, Pa and prefer personal pick up but can also ship.  We are happy to work with you to ship your puppy to your location, please contact us for details.

How do I pay my deposit? 

Once your application has been approved, we will send you an email with information on how you can pay your deposit. 

What comes with the purchase of my puppy?

In addition to the Health Guarantee listed below, each puppy comes dewormed, vaccinated age appropriately and with a bag of puppy food that the puppy was weaned on. See our Recommended Resources pages for links to purchase the puppy food we use.

Are you a puppy mill?

No. ASPCA lists a puppy mill as “overcrowded and unsanitary conditions without adequate veterinary care, food, water or socialization.” We take great care to make sure our puppies are well fed, clean and well socialized. 

Are you an Amish farm family?

No. However, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, we live among our many plain sect neighbors and ourselves have Mennonite and Amish roots.  We are a family of seven and the puppies have daily interaction with kids, so they are very socialized.

General Health

Your puppies come vaccinated and dewormed as age appropriate.  We do not declaw, house or crate train.

Do you do genetic testing?

Yes, the dogs we own have been genetically tested.  This information helps us avoid breeding dogs that may have pups with genetic problems. 

What health guarantee does my puppy come with?

The puppies come with a 5-day health guarantee and 6-month genetic guarantee.  The guarantee details can be found on our buyers contract linked on the bottom of our ABOUT page.  You will get a printed copy from us at purchase.  Puppy purchasers are advised to read the PA Puppy Lemon Laws.

When can I purchase a puppy?

We accept applications and deposits year round towards the next litters. Sign up here  to be emailed with news and dates for future litters.