Noah's Bark Puppies

About the Stoltzfus Family

We are a family of seven and love to deeply breathe the country air.  Being outside and active with our dogs is one of our happy places.  Our children work alongside us in the family business, learning how to raise and nurture dogs.  

Ervin and Melissa Stoltzfus were both born and raised in Lancaster County. They have childhood memories of animals, pets and dogs and want to pass that bond on to their children and families across the United States.

We have five children ages 9-16 who are a daily part of the responsibilities and joys of caring for dogs. Our children love playing with the puppies during their first eight weeks of life with us and help to socialize them well.

About Your Puppy Care

When you buy a puppy from us, you get a dog who loves people and human interaction. Another one of our passions is wellness education, and we carry that passion through to our pets. We use only a non-toxic animal wash on our dogs and puppies. Mamas get regular prenatal vitamins through conception, pregnancy, and nursing.

We also use essential oils on our dogs. Primarily through diffusing for a pleasant scent but also in a special rollerball blend we make and send home with our puppies to give them a litter scent while transitioning to their new home.

Dogs are very keen on smell and by rolling the essential oil blend over your hands and then petting the coat of your dog, they will find the smell pleasant and comforting, reminding them of home.



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